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I have left my equipment at your store for longer than 35 days. What do I do?

When you drop off your computer or other equipment you signed a pink piece of paper that outlines our warranties, store guidelines, no return policy, storage fees and abandoned equipment.

If you computer has been at for 30 days regardless of the reason you need to follow this protocol exactly. I will preface this by telling you that when your computer was dropped off you should let us know if time/money is going to be an issue. We will STILL work with you! FIRST, Call our office and ask us to extend the deadline of your computer to a time frame YOUR are comfortable with. Second, get to our office before the 35th day from your invoice date on your original invoice. Have our staff write you a NEW invoice with the old information. This is ALL you have to do in order to be compliant under Ohio Revised Code 1333.33 and 1333.34.

Failure to adhere to this will result in forfeiture of your computer and data. You will also be responsible for storage fees and any fees associated with disposing your equipment. As of January 1, 2017 we are sending all invoices 7 days past due to collection.

How long will you have my equipment?

For services NOT requiring parts to be ordered you should have your equipment back in 2-5 days depending on the services you are in need of. We can only go as fast as your equipment will allow us.

For services that REQUIRE PARTS we are at the mercy of the people shipping it. Because many of the components (almost all of them) are being sent from over seas it would not be uncommon to wait 1-5 weeks for parts. This is extreme in some cases but not all part orders are subject.

What are your Hours?

We are open 12PM-8PM Monday-Friday. Please call for hours surrounding Holidays.

My Computer WON’T START!

STOP IMMEDIATELY! Take a deep breath and unplug the equipment in question. Do not attempt to further boot or “try to fix” your computer. Some rare instances of clients continuing to power cycle the computer has been known to damage the system more.

What happens if I want my data backed up?

IF we are able to successfully recover your data, you will need to purchase or provide us with a storage media to place your data on. We will transfer data to a thumb drive / USB drive or directly to another computer. Please feel free to bring the storage media with you when you arrive onsite. We do NOT section up your data and we do not delete data from your source or destination devices. This responsibility belongs to our clients.

What happens to my computer while you have it?

The instant any equipment crosses the counter, we catalog the equipment and immediately diagnose the issue on one of our 27 work stations. We will update you as the updates become available. We then proceed to clean the interior components of your equipment and perform a visual inspection at this time. Once visual inspection has passed your computer will be placed in the service queue. We service clients on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Rush service IS available but you will need to discuss that with our service rep when dropping your computer off.

What do I need to bring with my computer when I drop it off?

Laptop Users & All other small or large electronics need to bring the power cable(s) and any other cable you feel the need to bring.Desktops need to bring nothing more than the desktop unit itself. Some circumstances will require you to bring in peripherals however this is a rare instance.